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17 May 2008 @ 07:30 pm
The Yagami Legacy (Gen 4.2)  

Last time on the Yagami legacy (which was yet again, so long ago; sorry!), a multitude of adult sims were aged into elders, died, and left our founder, gen 2 heir, and our gen 3 double heirs. The two heirs (Raye & Rem) found spouses and Rem and Dagmar (Raye's spouse) had each given birth to two lovely babies. (with interesting genetics!)

Of course, that is the quite boring summary; I do believe a bunch of craziness happened to our beloved Yagamis....

Rem is here, helping her daughter Kyoko grow up.

And here we have Dagmar with baby Keito. :3

I will refrain from cross-dressing toddler jokes. xD

Especially since Kyoko is so cute!

But she is second to Keito, who is just so sweet. No one can resist his sweetness. x]

His genetics continue to astound me every day.

Kyoko must steal back the spotlight, of course.

And poor Keito is appropriately scared of his mother. XD

Dagmar: Awww, does the wittle boy love his mummy?
Keito: Why is the scary lady holding me?

He's looking at his mother again, his expression clearly explained when you see the next picture...

...Yes, I do believe I'd be scared of her too.

So cute. <3333

Kyoko does, though, look exactly like her grandmother, minus the gold eyes.

So I have a feeling she'll turn out very nicely. :3

....unlike this catastrophe. -_-

Okay, what happened is that as I have seasons, it rains and it hails and lightning can strike. Lightning did strike while it was raining....which is normally okay, because the rain puts the fire out eventually. But here, we had one teensy problem:


So Light had to call 911 after the fire burned for a few game hours (after HE almost caught fire trying to put it out himself and the rain CLEARLY was not going to start again) and not one but two firemen had to come and put that sucker out. And it took over four game hours to do so. ;_; The family could not go outside, period, because they would run in front of the fire and freak out and almost catch fire themselves.

So pretty much, it was a catastrophe, especially since all their prize harvest was dying by degrees every hour it was not harvested. That and the fact that buy mode was disabled and I so rely on it for move_objects on, ect. ;p

...Light pretty much went crazy after that, and started talking to trees.......Well, he didn't go crazy---he finally got his gold gardening badge!

Naomi, on the other hand, did go crazy. ;p

Naomi: The trees are alive and coming to get me!
amethyststeam: *waits for sim shrink to visit*

Rem is such a good parent, though. She actually cared for Kyoko on Free Will, unlike most of my other sims...

And toddlerhood for the two kids went fast! It's already their birthdays---and I had yet to get annoyed with toddlerhood here. xD

Oh bother, those duck lips do seem to be dominant in the genes of this family. ;p

She's not too bad after a makeover, though; she again looks exactly like her grandmother.

*crosses fingers*

We'll see if Keito ends up any better...

Lips that seem to suit him--and seem to be a bit smaller--and an overall pleasing appearance!

At this point in the legacy I downloaded new defaults---the ever popular skins of Pooklet and simrenity's latest eyes--and immediately made some new sims to test them out. ;3 

New workout outfits too---I didn't have freetime at this point and was getting tired of the old Maxis ones. xD

New clothes for guys as well---I never have enough of them, it seems. :(

But I am really loving these new defaults---both the eyes and the skintones. :333

Kyoko is overjoyed at her new appearance, albeit how small the change is. xD

She does seem even prettier with these new defaults, though. :3

Oh and did I mention I changed my light blue eyes to purple eyes? I wanted some variety, and I liked simrenity's idea of replacing the light blue defaults with purple default eyes. :3

Oh Light, I do believe you're a little too late for that. xP Your youngest grandchild has kids of her own now. ;p

Keito's makeover that I didn't do before--and his new look with the new defaults.

Rem's new look, I must say, is absolutely stunning. *_*

She's just absolutely gorgeous. ******______******

I also gave Naomi a long needed makeover---her old hairstyle and clothes just weren't cutting it--and she too looks good!

Christian is looking pretty hot with his red hair and purple eyes. ;3 (Alanna (by Tamora Pierce), anyone? XDDD)

The skintones seem to suit Dagmar as well....

...though they don't help her new fug boyfriend at all. ;_;

(If you recall, her LTW is to Woohoo 20 sims, I believe ;p)

He'll be her 2nd Wohoo (a picture I missed), her first belonging to her poor husband, Raye. xD

Speaking of Raye, he's chugging right along at his LTW ($100,000) here. The adventurer career always provides lots of laughs--and a good salary. xD

Keito comes home on the bus and once again, I am amazed at his genetics. xD

His cousin has just the boring black hair-light blue/purple eyes-light skin combination, but his is very rare and unique. :3

I think he'll turn into a hot guy, especially seeing who his father is. *drools at Raye's new look*

I even gave Light a makeover, giving him back his signature hair style. x]

She has SUCH big lips---but I love her so much. *_*

Did I ever tell you guys that the interior of their house (the bottom floor, at least) was based upon my own home?

Well, I'm telling you now. :3 This is basically what my house looks like---minus the outside. xp Also, the square footage (is that a word?) is a lot smaller---sims just seem to need a lot more room to move around than we RL people do....

Here's the top floor, which was originally based off my house--but I can tell you the only thing my house has in common with this one is the master bedroom (the red room), the master bathroom (green room) and the balcony looking down into the kitchen. xp Everything else is additions I made to benefit the Yagamis; my house is definitely not as big as this one.

(Later I even plan on adding an attic to make room for all their aspiration rewards and other misc things)

As per usual in legacies, I had them invite the lovely headmaster over so that Keito and Kyoko could be accepted into private school....

He's just a tad bit creey; but they got in, so whatever. ;p

Rem's still working on her LTW---reach the top of the Athletic career, I believe--and still looks gorgeous, even in this ridiculous outfit. xp

She brings home the hottie that tends to grace all legacies....

....and I have her interact with him (for future generations' sakes) and she converses with him so beautifully, just like she did with her own husband. ;p

....Buuuuut he has money, so he'll definitely be coming back to this legacy sometime later. XD

I should HOPE not, Keito. O_O You are....10 or so, after all. xP



(She's kissing him goodbye, if you can't tell.)

....yeah, she's gone daft.

.....guess Dagmar forgot her son was also outside when she decided to seduce her lover outside. ^^;;;
All the innocence who suffer from your stubbornness and pride....

....Prince of Egypt soundtrack, sorry about that. xD

Dagmar: Sooooo, I met someone new today. :3
Raye: O RLY?

Poor Light. He's mastered all his skills, gardening, and fishing. He'll have practically nothing to raise his aspiration score from here on out.....he probably should have died a long time ago; but I've been feeding him a bunch of elixir since I can't bear to see him die....


Naomi, I love you---but you have ZERO DAYS LEFT. DIE NAO, PLZ?

Her one last day calls for some smustling backaches...

...Kyoko wishes for her grandmother to die for a lovely birthday. <3

She is pretty much a clone of Naomi.

...and just as silly. xD

Has Naomi's beauty, though. Big lips and all.

...what we're all waiting for. :3 The moment of truth....

And he succeeds! :DDD

We have our heir for generation four, ladies and gentlemen! Nice to see you again, Keito Yagami!

....and we end this update with a bit of adultery in plain sight. 

Btw, Misa, when we you EVER involved with this guy? O_O Were you secret lovers with him in college or something? Because I swear you were never attached to anyone.....

-el fin

PS: Sorry for the boringness in this update; it's been so long that I've played the Yagamis that I've quite forgotten all that I meant to say about each of these pictures....D:

Next update should be with Keito and Kyoko in college....and surely a bunch of craziness will happen there. xD
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Lindsay: howl&sophie//hmc//chasingcarsamethyststeam on May 23rd, 2008 03:58 am (UTC)
He's hilarious----I can't wait to see who his spouse will be cause they certainly will have interesting babies! xD College should be v. interesting too....

Well, Misa's still alive because I shipped all the gen 2 extras downtown (and built them a lovely house and changed their appearances, ect.) and same with gen 3 spares; I plan on posting a gen 2 spare, and then a gen 3 spare update soon. :DD

But yeah, LOL, Misa's still alive. XD And I STILL have no idea why she got the 'MINUS MINUS' points when viewing them kissing. O_O

Because Dagmar's just Misa's niece-in-law; certainly they do not have the family tag....